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Adopting moveable hook and 180-degree turntable, the locomotive generator set is easy to move and flexible to operate. It has good sealing and safety performance. It is equipped with hand brake, air brake, rear lamp and other devices, which is in line with the requirements of road traffic. Widely used in highways, railways, construction sites and temporary locations, this product has various structures and functions, such as hand push type, three-wheel type, four-wheel type, automotive power plant, trailer power station, mobile power station with low noise, mobile container power station, electric power engineering vehicle, and so on.

In order to ensure the stability of operation of the product, there are 4R mechanical or hydraulic support devices. There are ventilation windows in front of the product and folio door in the back. Operators can get in and out of the product through the doors on the sides. The compartment size is large enough so that the operator can walk around the generator set, facilitating operation and maintenance.

The exterior of the compartment is painted by the polymer polyurethane paint and the color can be specified by customers. Upward or downward exhaust pipe is adopted, ensuring beauty of the appearance. Texts and decorations outside the compartment can be made according to customers' requirements. In addition, two fire extinguishers are optional.

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