1250-2250KVA Container Type Diesel Generator Set

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1250-2250KVA Container Type Diesel Generator Set
Product Model Capacity (KVA) Normal Power (KW) Phase Number Engine Model Engine Brand
WPS1250S 1250 1000 Three phase 4012-46TWG2A Perkins
WPS1500S 1500 1200 Three phase 4012-46TAG2A Perkins
WPS1750S 1750 1400 Three phase 4016TAG Perkins
WPS2000S 2000 1600 Three phase 4016TAG2A Perkins
WPS2250S 2250 1800 Three phase 4016-61TRG3 Perkins
GMS1250CS -G3 1250 1000 Three phase KTA50-G3 Cummins
GMS1250CS -G9 N/A N/A Three phase KTA38-G9 Cummins
GMS1400CS 1400 1120 Three phase KTA50-G8 Cummins
GMS1500CS 1500 1200 Three phase KTA50-GS8 Cummins

We are a 1250-2250KVA container type diesel generator set manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer various types of products such as normal diesel generating set, locomotive generator set, radiator for generating set, and power machinery radiator.

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