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The noiseless diesel generating set realizes noise reduction and sound insulation by adding multilayer barriers impedance mismatch type acoustic enclosure and efficient impedance compound type muffler on the basis of the normal diesel generating unit. Easy to install, this environment-friendly product is mainly applied to offices, hospitals, residential districts, and other areas that have strict requirements of noise. The noise grade of our products is 53 to 61dBa@7m. Customers can choose according to their actual needs.

Our noiseless diesel generating set has beautiful appearance and small volume. The large built-in horizontal muffler is able to reduce noise greatly. Excellent power performance is ensured by the efficient noise reduction type multichannel air entering and exhausting channels as well as wind entering and exhausting channels. The static sound box has outstanding waterproofness and weather fastness. The independent output switch box on the static sound box facilitates cable connection, making our product suitable for leasing and engineering construction. In addition, there is a quick opening cover plate which brings convenience to maintain the product.

We is an experienced noiseless diesel generating set manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include locomotive generator set, normal diesel generating set, radiator for generating set, truck radiator, and much more.

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