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Based on the features of the SDEC engine, we have developed copper and aluminum radiators for this type of generator set engine. Our product is suitable for the 4135, 6135, G128 and 12V135 series engines with the power ranging from 30kw to 600kw.

The structure of our product is tube sheet type or tube belt type. The tube sheet type structure possesses high strength and it is suitable for applications under harsh working condition. The tube belt type product is suitable to work in good working environment. It is characterized by high radiation efficiency and high cost-efficiency.

Item Specification Engine Structure
1 4135D-5059 4135D-1 Radiator
2 4135AD-5074 4135AD Radiator
3 6135D-5088 6135D-3 Radiator
4 6135AD-50110 6135AD-3 Radiator
5 6135AZD-50155 6135AZD-1 Radiator
6 G128ZLD-50187 G128ZLD Radiator-Intercooler
7 G128ZLD2-50206 G128ZLD2 Radiator-Intercooler
8 G128ZLD1-50236 G128ZLD1 Radiator-Intercooler
9 G128ZLD11-50280 G128ZLD11 Radiator-Intercooler
10 12V135AZD-50300 12V135AZD Radiator
11 12V135AZLD-50339 12V135AZLD Radiator-Intercooler
12 12V135BZLD-50405 12V135BZLD Radiator-Intercooler
13 12V135BZLD2-50459 12V135BZLD2 Radiator-Intercooler
14 12V135BZLD1-50505 12V135BZLD1 Radiator-Intercooler
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