Perkins Generator Set Radiator

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Perkins Generator Set Radiator

Based on the characteristics of Perkins genset engines, we have developed various models of copper and aluminum radiator for the Perkins engine. We also offer made to order product. The components of the radiator include fan, pulley water radiator, drive system, piping accessories, etc. The radiator core adopts the tube belt structure which is featured with high radiation efficiency, easy cleaning and maintain. Famous brand fan and pulley with reliable quality and long service life are employed.

The product can be used in environment whose temperature is above 50℃. In addition to the models listed in the following form, we have also developed products used for Perkins 1000 series engines (such as 1006, 1003, 1104, 1106, 1206 and 1306), Perkins 2000 series engines (like 2206, 2506 and 2806), Perkins 4000 series engines (like 4006 and 4016) and Perkins 400 series engines (such as 402, 403 and 404).

Item Specification Engine Structure
1 400623TAG3A-50679 4006-23TAG3A Radiator-Intercooler
2 4008TAG2A-52861 4008TAG2A Radiator-Intercooler
3 401246TWG2A-521113 4012-46TWG2A Radiator
4 401246TAG2A-521331 4012-46TAG2A Radiator-Intercooler
5 4016TAG2A-521766 4016TAG2A Radiator-Intercooler
6 401661TRG3-521975 4016-61TRG3 Radiator
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