Cummins Generator Set Radiator

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Cummins Generator Set Radiator

The Cummins generator set radiator is applicable to Cummins 4B, 6B, 6C, NT855, K19, K38, K50, QST and QSK series genset engines. The power of the engines ranges from 20kw to 2400kw. Our product adopts new appearance design and uses copper or aluminum with better thermal conductivity, which allows for higher radiation efficiency and small thermal resistance. Besides, it meets the cooling requirements of the Cummins engines.

Technical Specifications
Item Specification Engine Structure
1 NTA855-50240 NTA855-GA/G1 Radiator
2 NTA855-50317 NTA855-G4 Radiator
3 NTAA855-50343 NTAA855-G7A Radiator-Intercooler
4 KTA19-50448 KTA19-G4 Radiator
5 KTA19-50480 KTA19-G8 Radiator
6 KTAA19-50610 KTAA19-G6A/G7 Radiator-Intercooler
7 KTA38-50664 KTA38-G2 Radiator
8 KTA38-50813 KTA38-G2A Radiator
9 KTA38-50880 KTA38-G5/G4 Radiator
10 KTA38-50925 KTA38-G9 Radiator
11 KTA50-501000 KTA50-G3 Radiator
12 MTAA11-50282 MTAA11-G3 Radiator-Intercooler
13 QSK60-501730 QSK60-G4 Radiator
14 QSK60-502000 QSK60-G6 Radiator
15 QSK60-502200 QSK60-G8 Radiator
16 QST30-50880 QST30-G4 Radiator
17 QSX15-50440 QSX15-G8 Radiator-Intercooler
18 4BTA3.9-5058 4BTA3.9-G2 Radiator
19 6BTA5.9-50106 6BTA5.9-G2 Radiator
20 6BTAA5.9-50120 6BTAA5.9-G2 Radiator-Intercooler
21 6CTA8.3-50163 6CTA8.3-G2 Radiator
22 6CTAA-50183 6CTAA8.3-G2 Radiator-Intercooler
23 6LTAA-50220 6LTAA8.9-G2 Radiator-Intercooler
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