Tractor Radiator

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our tractor radiator is designed according to the features of the diesel engine used by the farm tractors. It is made of copper or aluminum and has excellent heat dissipation effect. Our product is suitable for 50 to 300-horsepower tractors. According to the different power of the tractor, products are generally divided into 4125 type (for 54 hp and 75 hp tractors), 495 type (for 50 hp tractor), 295 type (for 28 hp tractor), 195 type (for 12 hp and 18 hp tractors), and other types. The tractor brand may be Luoyang Yto, Foton Lovol, Luoyang Boma, etc. We can also make products according to customers' specific requirements.

Tractor Radiator Tractor Radiator Tractor Radiator Tractor Radiator
Model: 01.19
Customer: YTO

Model: 01.10
Machine: MF240 Tractor

Model: 01.08
Machine: MF165 Tractor

Model: 01.05
Customer: MTZ
Machine: 70Y-1301010 Tractor

Products listed in the following table can also be provided. Moreover, as long as you provide the parameters of the heat sink or information of the engine, we can design and produce product that fully meets your requirements.

Item Radiator Model Applicable Tractor Model Outline dimensions Customer
1 4RTF540000AZ 804 700×570×240 Luoyang Yto
2 SZ6108T.540000F 1204 800×570×240 Luoyang Yto
3 6RT8.540000 1002 840×675×200 Luoyang Yto
4 495T1.54000 504 580×550×200 Luoyang Boma
5 B900.130.010 900 698×560×270 Luoyang Boma
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