Reaper Radiator

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The reaper radiator is specially designed for the cooling of harvester's power system. It can be applied to corn, rice and wheat reapers. We provide multiple types of this product with different size. Made of copper or aluminum, they have excellent thermal conductivity, large cooling area and good heat dissipation effect. Our product can be applicable to various brands of harvesters, such as Lovol, World, John Deere, AGCO, Dongfanghong, Xinjiang Boman, Luoyang Zhongshou, etc. We can also make products according to customers' requirements.

01.09 Type
Customer: GOMERIE
Machine Type: Corn harvester

This product is made of copper. With good toughness, copper is much easier to process than aluminum. We provide folding type, gear shaping type and other types of products. The copper cooling fin has higher density and larger radiating area than aluminum ones. Our product features quick heat release. The heat dissipation effect is proportional to the structure and workmanship of the radiator. The more fins there are and the better the bottom polishing is, the better the heat dissipation effect is. In addition, our product has a long lifespan.

01.09 Type

01.12 Type
Customer: Luoyang Zhoushou
Machine Type: 110-horsepower Cereal Harvester

This product is made of aluminum. The pure aluminum cooling fin is one of the most commonly used ones. The structure of our product is tube belt, tube sheet or plate fin. Heat exchange between air, coolant and cooling fins is completed by the orderly arranged corrugated cooling belts and pipes.

01.12 Type

01.14 Type
Customer: John Deere
Machine Type: Grain Harvester

This product has a tube belt type or tube sheet type structure. The tube sheet type radiator core is composed of thin cooling tubes and cooling fins. The cross section of the cooling tube is mainly flat circular, which can reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area. The cooling area of the tube belt type product can be increased by 12% when compared with that of the tube sheet one.

01.14 Type

Our company can also produce heat sinks listed in the following table. In addition, as long as the parameters of the product or information about the engine are provided, we can design and produce product that fully meets your requirements.

Item Radiator Model Applicable Reaper Outline Dimensions Customer
1 WG-0008 4YZB-4 Corn Combine 1000×830×373 Xinjiang Boman
2 WGS-450001 9QSZ-3000 Silage Harvester 1230×1086×393 Xinjiang Boman
3 YE2-80-7 YE2650 Two-row Corn Combine 738×550×190 Luoyang Zhongshou
4 YA4-80-3-1B YZ3 Three-row Corn Combine 1027×8401×280 Luoyang Zhongshou
5 YA5-80-3 YZ4 Four-row Corn Combine 1027×8401×300 Luoyang Zhongshou
6 S95 Xinjiang-2A Grain Harvester 830×700×248 Zhenzhou Zhonglian
7 S110 Xinjiang-2A Grain Harvester 835×700×275 Zhenzhou Zhonglian
8 YA4-125 YZ3 Three-row Corn Reaper 920×840×300 Shanxi Feixiang
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