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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The road roller is widely used for filling and compaction in high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums and other large projects. We road compactor radiator is suitable for 5 to 46-ton vibratory roller, 4 to 42-ton static roller or 16 to 30-ton tire roller. Our company can also make products according to customers' requirements.

18.01lg Type 14.01lg Type 09.03lg Type
18.01lg Type 14.01lg Type 09.03lg Type
Name Product Code Installation Dimension (mm) Structure Rows of the Radiating Pipe Opening Pressure of the Radiating Cap (KPa) Water Capacity (L)
Width ×Thickness Height Pitch of Holes (X×Y) Center Height Fan hole
Radiator Assembly 18.01lg 880×310v1010 820×220 91 690 Tube Sheet 5 90 14.5
Radiator Assembly 14.01lg 880×300×1116 820×210 85 700 Tube Sheet 5 90 15

As a specialized road compactor radiator manufacturer and supplier in China, We provides a wide array of products, including reaper radiator, radiator for SDEC engine, 130-250KVA trailer mounted generating set, and more.

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