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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

According to the operating environment and characteristics of Dongfeng trucks, we have developed copper and aluminum truck engine radiators for Dongfeng Tianlong, Tian Jin and Hercules series of trucks. The adaptive engine is Dongkang, Dongfeng Commercial, Yucai, etc. The power of our product ranges from 100kw to 295kw. Based on the function, our products are divided into trucks, dump trucks, and tractor series. They have small size, light weight, compact structure, high radiating efficiency, energy conservation and other advantages, which are the ideal cooling modules for trucks.

Radiator Model: 01.03
Size: 792×770×115
Radiator Model: 01.04
Size: 801×746×233
01.03tr Dongfeng 01.04tr1 Dongfeng
01.03tr Dongfeng 01.04tr1 Dongfeng

In addition to the products shown in the above pictures, we can also provide products listed in the table below. As long as relevant parameters of the radiator or information of the engine are provided, we can design product to meet your requirements.

Item Model Truck Brand Overall dimensions
1 1118N20-010A Dongfeng 645×806×218
2 1118N08-010 Dongfeng 638×646×255
3 1118Q01-010 Dongfeng 462×806×163
4 1118NC260-001 Dongfeng 727×559×236
5 1118Z24-010 Dongfeng 792×770×115
6 118F82-010 Dongfeng 515×954×191
7 118N48-010 Dongfeng 801×746×233
8 118Z66A-010 Dongfeng 859×757×252.5
9 118B67D-010 Dongfeng 592×750×155.5
10 118B36C-010 Dongfeng 566.5×747×233
11 1118ZB6-001 Dongfeng 866×692×258
12 1119010-K0100 Dongfeng 877×728×295
13 1119010-K0200 Dongfeng 877×728×295
14 1119010-k0300 Dongfeng 877×728×295
15 1118V78B-010 Dongfeng 808×462×322
16 GE332-1301020L Dongfeng 665×744×88
17 1301N23-020 Dongfeng 620×804×88
18 1301N23-020(F) Dongfeng 620×804×88
19 K12-1301010B Dongfeng 660×880×107
20 1301ZB6 Dongfeng 700×1088×85
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