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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The radiator for Cummins engine is applicable to Cummins 4B, 6B, 6C, NT855, K19, K38, K50, QST, and QSK series power generation engines. The power ranges from 20kw to 2400kw. Our product adopts new appearance design and uses copper or aluminum with better thermal conductivity, which enables the product to have higher radiating efficiency and small thermal resistance, meeting cooling requirements of Cummins engines.

Name Product Code Installation Dimension(mm) Structure Rows of the Radiating Pipe Opening Pressure of the Radiating Cap
Water Capacity (L)
Width ×Thickness ×Height Pitch of Holes
Center Height Fan Hole
Radiator Assembly NTA855-50240 1050×572×1260 1000×160 600 900 Tube Belt 5 90 29
NTAA855-50343 1164×680×1465 1114×160 600 950 Tube Belt 6 90 38
KTA19-50448 1260×592×1582 1200×85 736.5 1100 Tube Belt 5 70 45
6CTA8.3-50163 850×700×1090 770×200 550 710 Tube Belt 4 70 15
NTA855-50240 Type NTA855-50240 Type NTAA855-50343 Type NTAA855-50343 Type
NTA855-50240 Type NTA855-50240 Type NTAA855-50343 Type NTAA855-50343 Type

Our company can also produce generator radiators listed in the following table. In addition, as long as you provide relevant parameters of the product you need or provide the information about the engine, we will design the product for you.

Item Specification Engine Structure
1 NTA855-40240 NTA855-GA/G1 water radiator
2 NTA855-40283 NTA855-G2/G1A
3 NTA855-40313 NTA855-G2A
4 NTA855-40317 NTA855-G4
5 NTAA855-40343 NTAA855-G7A water-air radiator combinations
6 KTA19-40336 KTA19-G2 water radiator
7 KTA19-40403 KTA19-G3
8 KTA19-40448 KTA19-G4
9 KTA19-40480 KTA19-G8
10 KTAA19-40470 KTAA19-5 water-air radiator combinations
11 KTAA19-40610 KTAA19-G6A/G7
12 KTA38-40560 KTA38-G water radiator
13 KTA38-40664 KTA38-G2
14 KTA38-40813 KTA38-G2A
15 KTA38-40880 KTA38-G5/G4
16 KTA38-40925 KTA38-G9
17 KTAA38-401090 KTAA38-G9A water-air radiator combinations
18 MTA11-40234 MTA11-G2A/G2 water radiator
19 MTAA11-40282 MTAA11-G3 water - air radiator combinations
20 QSM11-40292 QSM11-G2
21 4BT3.9-4024 4B3.9-G2 water radiator
22 4BT3.9-4036 4BT3.9-G2
23 4BTA3.9-4058 4BTA3.9-G2
24 6BT5.9-4096 6BT5.9-G2
25 6BTA5.9-40106 6BTA5.9-G2
26 6BTAA5.9-40120 6BTAA5.9-G2 water - air radiator combinations
27 6CTA8.3-40163 6CTA8.3-G2 water radiator
28 6CTAA-40183 6CTAA8.3-G2 water - air radiator combinations
29 6LTAA-40220 6LTAA8.9-G2
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