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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Based on the characteristics of Perkins power generation engines, we have developed various copper and aluminum generator radiators for Perkins engine. We can also make products according to customers' requirements. The radiator assembly consists of fan, pulley, water radiator, drive system, piping accessories, etc. The radiator core adopts tube belt structure which has high radiating efficiency and is easy to clean and maintain. Famous brand fan and pulley, which have reliable quality and long service life, are used. Our product can be used in environment with the temperature over 50℃. In addition to the products listed in the following table, we have developed products applicable to Perkins 1000 series (such as 1006, 1003, 1104, 1106, 1206 and 1306), Perkins 2000 series (like 2206, 2506 and 2806 ), Perkins 4000 series (like 4006 and 4016), and Perkins 400 series (such as 402, 403 and 404).

Name Model Installation Dimension(mm) Structure Rows of the Radiating Pipe Opening Pressure of the Radiating Cap
Water Capacity (L)
Width ×Thickness ×Height Pitch of Holes
Center Height Fan Hole
Radiator Assembly 4008TAG2A-52861 2144×978×2035 1975×355×404 1065 1430 Tube Belt 7 90 102
401246TWG2A-521113 2174×880×1780 1702×300×300 1085.5 1430 Tube Belt 6 90 135
403D-075013 368×206×482 260 300 Tube Belt 2 70 3.5
4008TAG2A-52861 Type 4008TAG2A-52861 Type 401246TWG2A-521113 Type
4008TAG2A-52861 Type 4008TAG2A-52861 Type 401246TWG2A-521113 Type
401246TWG2A-521113 Type 403D-075013 Type
401246TWG2A-521113 Type 403D-075013 Type

In addition to products shown in the above pictures, our company can also produce the products listed in the following table. Moreover, as long as you provide the relevant parameters required for the radiator or provide information about the engine, our professionals can design the radiator meeting your needs.

Item Specification Engine Structure
1 4008TAG2A-52861 4008TAG2A Water-air radiator
2 401246TWG2A-521113 4012-46TWG2A Water radiator
3 401246TAG2A-521331 4012-46TAG2A Water-air radiator
4 401246TAG3A-521500 4012-46TAG3A
5 4016TAG2A-521588 4016TAG1A
6 4016TAG2A-521766 4016TAG2A
7 401661TRG3-521975 4016-61TRG3 Combination of high and low temperature
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